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Friday, March 13, 2009

Senior Telecom Software System Architect

Job Title Senior Telecom Software System Architect Location Belgium Openings: 2 Duration: 3 Months Requirement background: Our client sets up an architecture design team in EU focus on SDP and next generation intelligent network in EU. This team is responsible for Architecture and high level design of SDP and NGIN. Responsibilities 1.Function as System Architect for SDP/NGIN system; carrying architectural related R&D activities, includes architecture and high designing and technical researching etc in SDP/NGIN/IMS AS related platform. 2.By communication with European Tier 1 telecom carriers to collect and clarify customer essential requirements, and guide R&D team (in China and local) to deliver products as customer required 3.Make research in SDP/NGIN related fields, include technical trend analysis, competence analysis etc. Participate in industrial forum/workshop in the related fields. 4.Participating important European customer projects, including the definition, management and verification of customized solutions to meet customer's requirements, analyzing the customer's requirements, prepare and write technical solutions Qualifications 1* Candidates should have a vast amount of telecommunications working knowledge with: A) Deep knowledge architecture of SDP/NGIN/IMS AS etc B) Proven expertise in architecture designing of SDP/NGIN/IMS AS/JSLEE, Candidates with experience as lead architect in world leading company working on platform or product of SDP/NGIN/JSLEE/IMS AS are preferred. The work experience in popular SDP or NGIN venders should be expected. For example Ericsson (ESDP, Drutt), NSN, Oracle, IBM. C) Deep knowledge of current situation of service layer of European telecom carrier D) Good understanding of evolution path of service layer, proven experiences on service layer solution. D) Proven expertise in telecom real time software system designing and development F) Experiences on high performance, high availability and distributed system designing. And the candidates shall be: 1. Business orientated & commercially aware and Results orientated 2. Candidates should be self motivated, professional, confident & innovative 3. Passionate about knowledge sharing 4. Candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. 5. Candidate must have excellent interpersonal skill and team collaboration. 6. Candidate must have a BS or better in a field such as Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

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Job Type
Start Date
3 Months
£462.80 - £555.36 p/day
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Date Advertised
12 Mar 2009
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